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Carpe Diem

I don’t wanna write about this in the past tense, but I guess I will have to. Because, this is the last post where I am writing under the name of the blog created for the Multimedia Journalism class at American University in Bulgaria. However, this is not the very last post by me, as I will keep on blogging as an independent blogger about my student for the next year and a half for several reasons: one of them is, that I love free style writing and WordPress is the great platform for me to explore myself and find my true passion and also, I want to write the things and read them later, so that I will remember fun and great times I spent at college.

I want to talk a little about my journey as a blogger this semester. It was productive, full of novelties and a lot of great people I had to work with, especially for the upcoming final class video we shot together. The experience I received through this class was unique. I learnt so many programs and applications that today’s journalist needs like an air, that it is hard for me to list them. However, I’d point out one program which I loved exploring during the whole process of blogging and filming videos, and it is – Videolicious. I even made a presentation about this app two weeks ago to let the class know how easy it becomes to shoot and edit a video on the mobile device.

I learned how to use social media in a right way, to promote news and at the same time yourself with the catchy and touchy words, which would grab readers’ attention and attract them to your work. I have learnt that not only should you value your work but also others’, as having a group of enthusiasts around you is very important. I have learnt this through our professor’s demands to share, tweet and Facebook about the blogs of our classmates. I’ve practiced group work while working on our class video as a performer and editor a well. All and all journalism is not an individual profession and if one is not good in team, and then s/he can’t survive the real world of communications.

In the end, I want to refer to my blog and what I have learnt from it. I mainly focused on my own life and the way I spent this semester. Looking back, I have to be honest and say that I really do not have any regrets about the way I spent the semester. It was an interesting semester, and I blogged about the activities that made Fall 2013 unique for me, which I think every AUBGer should be part of in the future.  I had my ups and downs, but after all I did not interview all these students for no reason, I often remembered Bojan’s quote about making the right choices and it made me realize that there Is truly no golden mean between studying and partying, but however there does exist a right choice, and it depends on the rightfulness of the occasion, whether you choose to party while you really have nothing to study, or you choose to stay home and miss, probably one of the most important events of the semester. I would say, whenever you have a decision to make, remember – you only live once! So, do try to make a decision that is right for you at that moment and would not harm your future.

I hope my blog helped you to realize the importance of using the student years in a right way and enlightened you about the bucket list you have got to complete in 4 years!

Seize the moments my friends! And I will see you very soon!

Carpe Diem!

Some more Georgian “Chacha,” please

This week has been a little mellow, I’ve been thinking to include laziness in the college bucket list, but changed my mind eventually. Not because you should not be lazy or something.. No, it’s just omething that you don’t need to have in the bucket list, it’s something natural, that comes from inside you and you just can’t help but obey that little lazy self within you that wakes up in you every now and then, usually when you are trying to study.. so yeah, I’ve been procrastinating… and a lot is the least powerful adjective to characterize the level of my laziness this week..

Oh well.. Then came Friday and I was not gonna drink or go out or something..I was just gonna punish myself for doing NO thing, for the entire week, but nobody let me… My friend, that I mentioned before, invited us to the room party and hosted us with pizzas and huuuuge amount of alcohol, including traditional Georgian “Chacha,” that has 80% of alcohol in it, though it smells gross, you need nothing but 3 shots of it to feel wonderful(ly drunk, I mean)..I won’t tell you the drunken stories, you can imagine, and also it’s not that I remember…

So, the next day, me and my friends gathered together to go to eat together.. Traditionally, we went to AUBG canteen (or food court as our Chef likes to call it), and sat with the food at the table and started gossiping around and discussing what happened the previous day.. Only then I remembered my favorite TV show of all time – “Sex and the City,” and pictured ourselves as the 4 main Sex and the City charaters, who in most of the episodes are having the lunch together and discussing the stories that happened to them, except we do have one male in our group and unfortunately we are not able to enjoy fancy cocktails and brunches in even fancier restaurants.. just yet!


me as Carrie, Giorgi as Miranda, Tatia as Charlotte and Tamuna as Samantha

Then I remembered the perfect quote Giorgi Modebadze, a junior from Georgia told me when I felt blue on Friday night before the party: “ you live only once, you gotta do what you gotta do while you’re a student, cause the time flies and you can never go back and party hard with your best friends the way you used to.. Friday is the day you gotta enjoy! You can always write a paper at weekend.”

So I followed his advice and had to pull and all-nighter this Sunday to write my research paper for Comparative Politics of Europe. And right now, I am here stuck in the main lobby of Skaptopara II residence hall, at exactly 9:12 am and thinking to myself, what a productive night I had – edited the video for thePurple Studio, did a research and wrote a paper, wrote a blog post and even did a little fun Photoshop thingy I’m gonna post up together with this blog post.

So, I learned a lesson – when you have a motivation to do something, procrastination and laziness dies suffering, therefore never set limits to yourself, and never say you cannot do something, you gotta roll with it, amigo!

p.s. check out the footage from Bulgarian president’s visit to AUBG I prepare for you

Have a great rest of the week!

I know you’ll be waiting for my next post, but Monday will come sooner thank you think!


intro-3-hiToday we learned something new at class. We learned how to use the app Storify to create a news story by using the tweets. It was pretty impressive and I didn’t know that journalists were actually using to create a news story through twitter just like that. I was more surprised to see that actual TV channels and other types of media are contacting the people they would like to interview on twitter. It’s obvious that a new digital era has completely changed journalistic approach and made it more efficient. By using Storify and the tweets, journalists can create an unbiased storyline and stick to original thoughts of their interviewees. I’m sure this app will be very useful for the people who will be pursuing the careers in journalism

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Little party never killed nobody

About a week ago I was reading about the “44 ways to make the most of your college experience” on Buzzfeed, so one of them got my special attention since my birthday was coming up and I wanted to plan something fun for it. “Cram 50 people in your tiny dorm room for a surprise birthday party,” – said one of the items on the list. I thought about the idea and decided to modify it a little bit and finally throw a party for my birthday. I figured out that doing it in my room wouldn’t work, since I didn’t have a room all to myself for the upcoming weekend. So I decided to reserve a party room. Keep in mind that reserving a venue on time is vital, since you might not be the only person who wants to throw a party or at least hang out with friends in a big room on Saturday. Luckily, 2 days before the actual event out of 2 party rooms only one was reserved. So the venue was not a problem anymore. Then I had to think of how to host 20 people without spending too much money on it, since as a student my monthly budget doesn’t give me the freedom of spending as much money I want on the things I want to buy. So, I dragged my friend to the nearby supermarket, to decide what kind of groceries to buy. Finally, we figured that the party would be fun for everyone with 3 essential things: alcohol, goo music and good people. So I got a lot of beer, snacks and on the way to the residence hall came up with the party playlist. It was a good fun. Music rocked. The drinks were enough. Everyone had fun. And I turned 20.

Realizing I stepped into the most important decade of my life, when it’s the best time to build a career, only partying would not be a good idea. Just like others, I was also bombarded with the paper and assignment deadlines for the upcoming week, so I decided to study on the actual day of my birthday – Sunday. Therefore, I checked out the event that took place in Panitza library for the whole night – “a long night against the procrastination.” As I’m not very good at pulling all-nighters a night before my Monday morning classes, I did not stay there for the whole night. However, it was quite helpful for all the desperate students with the upcoming midterm on Monday.

Realizing I stepped into the most important decade of my life, when it’s the best time to build a career, only partying would not be a good idea. Just like others, I was also bombarded with the paper and assignment deadlines for the upcoming week, so I decided to study on the actual day of my birthday – Sunday. Therefore, I checked out the event that took place in Panitza library for the whole night – “a long night against the procrastination.” As I’m not very good at pulling all-nighters a night before my Monday morning classes, I did not stay there for the whole night. However, it was quite helpful for all the desperate students with the upcoming midterm on Monday.

There’s a lot more to learn

I have never thought of creating a blog, as it is out of my comfort zone and I was a little afraid of judgmental people. But I guess in life, one cannot simply succeed by being in their comfort zone all the time. So, when I got assigned to write a blog for my class I felt a little confused.

So, exactly 7 weeks ago, I was sitting right here in front of my laptop, not knowing what to write about, whom to interview, and what in general would my blog topic be. It was no quite an easy assignment, as I should have come up with something interesting, creative, and catchy to write about throughout the whole semester.

I decided to write about the student life in general, including mine and others’ (see my first post for more details why I decided to do so). After I got my blog topic approved by the professor, I started a true blogger’s journey. I never thought the way I lived at AUBG was exceptional in any way, but by depicting the parts of my student life, together with interviews with other students, I realized that I had quite fun and adventurous start of the semester – I was actively involved in extracurricular activities, as well as studying. And at the end of the day, my blog posts are gonna stay as the reminders of my college years forever.

I blogged and I loved it, I was just writing out of my heart, out of passion to write and let the reader know about my life at AUBG. Even though I was mostly talking about my life, I have also been interviewing people around me and learning how they managed their lives as a student. I want to draw special attention to what Bojan, from Macedonia told me, and quote him, because I very much agree to his point of view about the life as a student, at least at American Unviersity in Bulgaria:

“I don’t think that a golden mean exists. In some cases you need to give up some party time, in order to devote it to studying and vice versa. Sometimes, when there is a big party and all the crew is there you need to go to that party instead of spending time on studying and suffer on that. Basically, you need to give up something in order to give to something. The golden mean doesn’t exist in my opinion. I don’t think that a golden mean exists. In some cases you need to give up some party time, in order to devote it to studying and vice versa. Sometimes, when there is a big party and all the crew is there you need to go to that party instead of spending time on studying and suffer on that. Basically, you need to give up something in order to give to something. The golden mean doesn’t exist in my opinion.”

To be honest, there were more cases for me when I gave up some time of studying in order to go party, hang out with friends, go to the movies or go hiking in the mountains. But I don’t regret it any second, I loved it, and I did it, because I know that this is what you should do when you’re young. You can’t simply go to the club, get wasted and dance on the stage when you’re over 30.

I just remembered one situation from this Friday. We were in Piano bar, a local karaoke bar, where our university bands were playing. So me and my friend were standing at the bar and suddenly he whispers in my ear “ look at these older women, what are they doing here? Hahaha…” I looked right and I saw just 2 women aged around 30-35 just casually drinking beer and listening to the songs.. and I realized.. as you grow up your interests and the way you act change.. you become more conservative, people judge you more and you basically are not supposed to do any of the crazy things you could do when you were in your twenties. I’m not saying, that you can’t , but you should not..

So, as Bojan told me, just do it! And do it now! Do your assignments on time, don’t miss the classes, go out, don’t miss the larger parties, drink more than enough, dance on the stage, pull an all-nighter, eat a whole pizza pie at 3 in the morning, hang out with the guys that “friendzone” you, just because it’s fun and really, who cares.. Go hiking, explore surroundings.. travel around Europe with friends on the breaks.. Go on internship.. Go on a conference to meet plenty more people.. and I don’t know , just use your time, never waste any second while you’re in college.. every single second counts, and I am very sure that every extra time I spend in sleeping more than 7 hours, I’ll regret at some point ( and I’m definitely changing my sleeping routine)

I feel like I’m talking about the parties all the time, but they are such big parts of the student life in general that I can’t ignore them just like that. This reminds me of a little quote Desi, from Bulgaria told me:

“ It’s not necessary to be present at every party, just get to be present at the right party, so you can meet the right people”

And she’s so very right… I’ve gone to the wrong parties and came home in a bad mood, feeling down.. while the right parties, where everybody goes, where there is a good music and a lot of space and the people you want to dance and hang out with, felt so right.. and I came home feeling on top of the world, which was  a little wobbly, thanks to all the beers I consumed before going home.. Same thing can be said in general, you should also be present in the right place, at the right moment – life advice right there..

Looking back to my blogger journey so far, I have also learned some technical details, like how to shoot 5 shot BBC style videos, which I actually had a looooot of fun with. I just loved shooting and editing the videos, it’s so much more creative, fun and interactive. Also I’ve realized I like to be behind the camera controlling what other people are gonna see later. I started using twitter and soundcloud which I never really used before. I’m still in the process of falling in love with tweeting, but I’m sure by the end of the semester I’ll open my personal twitter account and just use it the way I use my own facebook. Just because I think it’s one of the quickest ways to get the news about any topic you are interested in.

It’s been a great journey so far, classes but much more fun and great adventures are yet to come. I think I’ll be blogging after I’m done with the Multimedia Journalism class anyways… I find my peace in writing here…


Want to know more about student life and how it works? Check out my next post next Monday!

Education for life

What would you risk to receive an education? Well, some of you might think that there is nothing to risk, as it is just normal for all of us to peacefully get the education and not worry about any kind of danger. However, if we widely open our eyes, we’ll be able to see that not all the people in the world are able to receive the education the same way we do. In fact, some in the Middle East are ready to even risk their lives for educating themselves.

If you checked out the websites of any of the international news channels this week, you would have seen the headlines, such as: “The Bravest Girl in the World,”Malala: The girl who was shot for going to school” “A strong, new voice”. These articles all speak about the same person ,Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani girl, who was shot in her head and neck by Taliban gunmen because she was studying. Luckily, Malala survived and has become a young education activist. She was already featured on the TIME magazine’s front cover and as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World,” was nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, she spoke at the UN to call for worldwide access to education, has received EU Sakharov Prize for 2013 and was honored with Harvard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Having read all these, I was wowed by Malala’s bravery and decided to go around the campus asking people how much their education meant to them and how much did they appreciate the fact that they could receive the education without any danger?

At first I’ve talked to Anton, junior from Bulgaria, who told me, that everyone deserves the right to education, and for the people in Western civilizations it’s hard to appreciate the ability to receive education without any danger, as everyone appreciates something they have, after they lose it. I told Anton the story of Malala and asked if he would risk something to get the education and here’s what he told me:

“The education is really important, that’s how I was raised. I grew up with the idea, that I should educate myself, and I never really thought about not going to the university or school, that was never an option for me. And It’s shocking to find out that there are people, children in the world that do not have the same opportunity I have and it makes me appreciate it more. However, I would not risk my life for education, obviously.”

After talking to Anton, I went around the campus to find out the answers to my questions from the girl’s perspective. I came across Nino, a junior from Georgia, who was about to enter the class and receive her piece of educational nugget about the EU politics, however she still agreed to speak to me. Nino told me that everybody should have equal rights to get access to education, as it is very important and it is crazy what happens to people in Middle East, just because they study.

“I would risk a lot for my education, but I think this risk is an investment, because education is really a power, so I really admire that girl, that got hit in the head, because she was studying. It’s really admiring and we should take an example of that.”

In the end, I think Malala is a hero, she’s only 15 and she has just become one of the most inspirational public figures especially for the girls like her, who live in the life threatening conditions and still risk studying in order to fight violence with the one and only strongest and true weapon in the world – education.

So, fellow students, we should not only party hard and study hard, but we should also remember what we are studying for and appreciate the fact that we are actually free to choose to study without putting our precious lives in danger.

Want to know more about student life and how it works? Check out my new post next Monday!

Challenge your limits!

This weekend I did something I have never done during my university life. It might not seem very extraordinary to most of you, but for the person who is not very outgoing like me. it was quite new and adventurous. As I mentioned in my previous post, I became a part of one of the most creative and coolest clubs around AUBGThePurple Studio. As all of the 20 members of ThePurple would need to work together for the rest of the year, we needed a team, where the members could cooperate well. For this purpose, we left AUBG on Friday evening and went to the popular mountain resort in Bulgaria – Bansko. We spent the weekend in a 4 star hotel, cooked together, drank and partied together, played the ice-breaker games and couple of drinking ones as well. Then, on Saturday we learnt some basic camera settings and the standard shooting techniques. Divided into groups of 5, with one producer assigned to each group, we had to shoot 15 different assignments, which included shooting a flash mob in the middle of the street, hugging a stranger, shooting a mundane event and making it seem something special and faking an interview with a stranger about something absurd (In our case, we interviewed a stranger and asked him what he thought of the fact that everyone in Boston randomly started putting their dogs in the boxes on the streets.. stupid enough, no? ). Basically, we had a lot of fun shooting these assignments and it definitely played a big role in forming us into a good team. In the evening we started editing the shots into the 4 minute videos, which took quite some time, as editing is not an easy and fast work to do. In the end, all of us sat in front of the TV, with the glasses of white wine, and enjoyed our very first videos shot for ThePurple Studio. What can I say, this team building was very productive, and I’m very much looking forward to our next meeting on Tuesday to decide what kind of stories our next show will include.

Speaking about teambuildings, ThePurple was not the only club that united its members this weekend. Another huge club around the campus, AIESEC, organized its Local Induction Seminar for its newly recruited members. So, I decided to speak to one of the organizers of this year’s AIESEC recruitment – Irakli Dautashvili, a junior from Georgia. Irakli has been a member of the organization for already two years, is also the president of Rock Jamming Club and a resident assistant. Surprisingly, he is majoring in the field, which is quite different from all the extracurricular activities he has.

Back to the AIESEC topic, Irakli is the member of Communications (COMM) team, responsible for promotion of the projects; internal and external communications and relations. As Irakli said, AIESEC kept him busy, he worked, learned a lot of new things and improved himself. He also told me a few words about the teambuilding and training the new members this weekend – they got to know the way the organization works and got positioned into different functional areas responsible for incoming and outgoing exchange, external relations, finance and communications. Irakli encouraged more people to apply for AIESEC next semester as well:

“For the people who are hesitating apply or not, I would certainly advise them to do so, they will try and it’s up to them if they decide to stay or not… you will for sure gain something from it, but It depends on what you are looking for.”

In the end, like other interviewees, I asked Irakli – what would be the specific tip he would give to the prospective students, and here is what he told me:

“Don’t limit yourself with only studies, of course it is the most important thing here, but you can gain so much more from this university. So, just be curious and don’t limit yourself. Challenge your limits.”

So, again, the message to all of you – use your time wisely and never limit yourself with doing only one thing, because the sky is the limit, when the world is your oyster!

Be active! Be the change!

I was thinking to myself today – it’s been only a month since the semester started and it couldn’t have been more interesting. I feel like I kept being busy every day and I didn’t even have the time to come to the room, sit in front of the computer and skype with my friends and parents for hours. I just became a member of the club I always wanted to be part of “ThePurple Studio” – student run news biweekly show. ThePurple organized one of the biggest events around campus this Saturday – “AUBG Lip Dub,” where the students involved in every club was synching lips with the songs while representing their societies. It was cool and a lot of fun – everyone dressed up in funny clothes wearing crazy hats, glasses and masks. I have never felt this much AUBG spirit. Even though the “Lip Dub” event started early at 11 am , everyone was up and willing to take part in building and showing the AUBG spirit to the whole world through the video.

I was one of them. After Friday night out at AIESEC party and sleeping only for 2 hours, I woke up and felt like I was still drunk, but, oh well.. I had to help ThePurple crew in organizing the event, so we were up since 8 am, blowing all the balloons and decorating the campus. It was successful and never did I regret not sleeping enough. As they would say in my country – I caught two rabbits together – enjoyed the party on Friday and the Saturday’s Lip Dub. Later, I checked my facebook to see if my friends had any interesting news for me. My eyes widened when I read Nino Karanadze’s status, she had become an exchange student and will be going to the Netherlands next semester. I was excited about the new, knowing how bad Nino wanted to do an exchange program in Holland, so I decided an interview with her would be interesting. Nino told me, that Holland was her dream country and she was definitely going to use this opportunity to study international business there. Nino is a vice president of one of the functional areas in AIESEC, and she told me that students should try and involve in as many extracurricular activities as possible:

“I think studying is important, but I think students should be involved in extracurricular activities and explore themselves and see their strengths and weaknesses in different things before they actually graduate.. Having diverse friend network is also important, that’s one of the perks of studying at the international university, in the end that will get you a job, except for your academic success.. It’s people that you know..”

Just like other interviewees, I asked Nino as well about the specific tip she would give any prospective or freshman student at AUBG, and here’s what she told me:

“Try to balance your studies and the other things you want to do in life, and try to involve in as many extracurricular activities as possible, because that way you will know more about yourself, you will enrich your CV and that will help you a lot.”

So, students, get out of your comfort zones and try to become the members of the most active society around the campus!

Stay tuned for the weekly updates and more tips about the college life!

Library break with Glamour

This is the BBC style 5 shot video – the result of what we learned today at Multimedia Journalism class. As I love the fashion magazines, I went to the AUBG Panitza library with my friend Natasha, and we shot the video of me reading the latest edition of Glamour, It was a fun class. I think I’ve found my new passion – shooting videos!